Strong(her) is sports performance training in a competitive group environment for female athletes. We understand that in high-school weight rooms female athletes get pushed to the side and are neglected in terms of strength and conditioning. The aim of Strong(her) is to provide the best training available to female athletes of all sports in a competitive and safe environment. Strong(her) will be ran by our certified strength coach who has an abundance of experience working with female sports teams at the D1 and D2 collegiate level. Our coach will provide high-quality coaching and scientifically backed training methods in order to unleash the potential in athletes of every sport of every level.

Strong(her) is meant to: 

• Teach Fundamental Weight Room Movements
• Improve Speed + Acceleration
• Improve Strength + Power
• Reduce Injury


We will conduct movement screens and pre-testing in order to monitor the progress of each athlete over the course of the program. If you are in-season or off-season and you want to get stronger, faster, and reduce injury, there is nowhere better. 

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