We provide a complete science-based approach to building well rounded and high performing athletes. This includes developing all aspects of athletic ability: strength, speed/power, and injury prevention. GTS also strives to develop the attitude, work ethic, discipline, and pride of the athlete to not only improve the athlete for sport, but for life as well.



Building strength is the first step to unleashing an athlete's true potential. We focus on fundamental movement patterns that have direct carry over to sport while implementing sound training methods developed by some of the world's top strength and conditioning coaches. We build stronger and more resilient athletes with these methods.



Although strength can be a great equalizer, athletes still need to perform at high speeds and velocities in order to use the strength in their sport. Once an athlete has developed a good base of strength that allows them to handle high velocities, power and speed training is the next step in our process of athletic development.



The best ability for an athlete to have is availability. This is why injury prevention is an integral part of our year-round training process. Through sound training principles and good movement qualities, we can help athletes mitigate the risk of injury.