The GTS Performance and Fitness Internship is put in place in order to give you the opportunity to prepare you for a career in strength and conditioning. This internship provides the chance for you to gain immense experience over the course of your time with us.


In addition to assisting in on the floor training with our clients you will be expected to partake in weekly education sessions, read research, complete reading assignments as well as weekly assignments. You will also be required to participate in a staff lift that will consist of the type of programming we provide to our clients in order for you to get a real feel for what our clients do. 


Not only is the goal for this internship to give you hands on, autonomous experience coaching that will provide you with the tools in order to coach clients with a form of expertise well above the majority of personal trainers and coaches in an over-saturated industry. Our internship program is also set up to develop future employees. An intern who showcases the skills necessary to raise our business to the next level will be considered for hiring as a strength coach. 

We also pride ourselves on being a completely hands on internship. Although you will be required to assist in daily maintenance of our facility you will not be just sitting one the sidelines watching. We fully expect interns to be thrown into the mix on the first day. We will only be accepting 3 interns per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). 


Minimum Requirements:

  • You must commit to the entire semester that you are applying for

  • If you cannot commit to 30+ hours per week do not apply. We will be requiring a lot from you.

  • You must be pursuing/have completed a degree in an exercise science related field.

  • Certifications are not required. 

  • Interpersonal skills are a must. You must be able to interact with clients of all ages and abilities.

In Order To Apply:

Please email the following to with the subject line “Your Name – GTS Internship Application.”

  • A brief cover letter why you would be a good fit for our gym.

  • Resume including all work experience and 3 professional references.

  • Submit two videos with the following (in the same email)

    • A video of you coaching another person through a compound movement such as a squat, bench or deadlift. Coach the individual as if it was their first time performing the lift. Also assume they have no prior knowledge of anatomical terms or training. Find and correct at least 2 faults in their technique. If there are no issues with technique, highlight what they do well.

    • A video of why we should choose you for our internship program. Please do not read from a scrip and avoid pre-rehearsed lines. Please film videos with the best quality possible. If you use a cell phone, please film in landscape mode.